Thursday, November 10

Oaks Launches Beer Den

Instead of rushing into the bottle shop at The Oaks Hotel in Neutral Bay for a bottle of sav blanc or six-pack of commercial lager patrons will now be able to explore the fabulous world of craft beer.

At 10pm tonight the hotel’s compact bottle shop on Military Road will transform itself into a Craft Beer Den – complete with mood lighting, a groovy soundtrack, gourmet sandwiches and a range of exotic brews from around the planet. Guests pay a small corkage fee (from $2 to $4) plus the cost of their chosen tipple. Discounts available on selected beers.

“It’s about utilizing the space in a different way,” says hotel licensee Alex Cooper. “We have 116 different craft beers in stock – so how cool is it to choose something you’ve never tasted before?”

The Oaks Hotel, 118 Military Road, Neutral Bay 2089. Phone: 02 9953 5515; The new-look beer den operates midweek 10pm to 12am and Thursday to Saturday 10pm to 1.30am.

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